October 26, 2017

serving and uploading static files using nginx

Serving and uploading static files with nginx:

Assuming we have nginx installed in system and our nginx configuration file resides at /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/testconf.conf

create a directory called data that will store all our images that we wish to serve.

add these in testconf.conf

      listen *:9999;
      location /images/ {
      root /data;

now if we make a request to localhost:9999/images/a.jpg

we will get the image file a.jpg located in /data/images.

importat part to note above is root directive. Any request coming as localhost:9999/images/... matches the above location block, therefore nginx will strip the part after localhost:9999/images ( as we have defined /images/ in location ) and append it after the path defined as root.